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Third Millennium Farming started as an urban agriculture project in Jakub Dzamba’s first year of studies at the University of Toronto’s Master of Architecture program.

The project called for maximizing the amount of food that could be produced on a house-sized plot of land. Jakub proposed the idea of utilizing urban organic waste streams to farm a multitude of organisms that exist lower on the food chain. The organisms would in turn be fed to insects, which would be processed into foods, such as roasted crickets or high protein insect powder. This would produce exponentially more food than any conventional form of farming, with the added benefit of greatly reducing greenhouse gasses and other forms of agriculture-related pollution.

The project wasn’t received well at first. But, Jakub was allowed to continue to focus his studies on the subject of edible insect farming.


Today, Third Millennium Farming has grown into the size of a small design firm, that operates North America’s first edible insect farm combined with a design studio.

Kubo's Crickets BravoFact Documentary - 2016

Our Team

Kubo's Picture.jpg
Jakub Dzamba
Third Millennium Farming co-founder and CEO
M.Arch, B. A. & Sc. and Architectural Technologist Degree

Jakub (Kubo) Dzamba has focused on developing urban edible insect farming technologies since 2007 through his masters of architecture dissertation, and later through his Ph.D. studies in architecture.

Kubo’s primary focus is the transformation of his academic theories into practice through a process of extensive R&D and subsequent deployment as architectural design, proven business strategies and humanitarian projects.

Lubomir BW.jpg
Lubomir Dzamba
M.Arch, B. of Fine Arts

Coming soon.

Serhii Konovalov
Mikhailo Muntain
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