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Design Services

Innovative designs, made for you.

We offer a range of services to our clients to help with starting your own edible insect farm:

  • Design of cricket farming buildings, and retrofit of existing buildings to farming crickets.

  • Design of farming systems for breeding, growing and harvesting edible crickets.

  • Turnkey modular cricket farming solutions

  • Automation of cricket watering systems and monitoring/tracking cricket populations

Learning how to farm crickets, and to do so proficiently enough to run the farm feasibly, can be quite a challenge. To address this we operate a 3,200 sq. urban edible cricket farm in Toronto, Ontario.

Our farm puts theory into practice by demonstrating:

  • Superior densities of production (crickets per cubic foot)

  • Flexible production (simultaneously producing crickets for feed and food), which allows for a greater diversity of clients and more resilient business strategy.

  • Troubleshooting infestation from other insects and cricket-specific diseases

  • Streamlining labour practices and farming methods to operate at a profit in an urban context

Contact us for further information & pricing.


By farmers, for farmers.

We offer full training to all our clients, effectively decentralizing farming.

We offer full training to all our clients. The goal is to decentralize farming and we can't do that unless its available for anyone to be able to do. 

Through one on one consultation, training videos and booklets, you will have all the information you need to start, maintain, and grow your farm. 


Working together for greater impact—introducing Qo-op™

Working together for greater impact—introducing Qo-op™

Qo-op™ is an informal co-operative association that joins growers, resellers and suppliers in mutual benefit. It sets consistent standards of quality and purity as assurance to buyers and consumers. It pledges ethical best practice in humane treatment and environmental protection. And it is a commitment to good business conduct. ​

Qo-op™ members are actively innovating a new model of agriculture that benefits themselves and our world. 

Visit for more information.

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