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An all-year cash crop. High yield. Low labor. Easy turnkey solution.

Welcome to the future of agriculture.

Chirpbox™ is a complete turnkey cricket farm delivered to you in self-contained shipping container. A Chirpbox 20’ container can produce up to 600 pounds of market-ready crickets a month.

The Chirpbox™ creates a self-regulated environment for optimal and humane breeding conditions. Design of the unit has incorporated extensive research from our labs on conditions for optimum yield and ease of use even for the beginning breeder. Chirpbox™ lets you start a fully productive cricket farm today with no previous experience and no costly learning curve.

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Plant Immune boost. Bloom enhancer. All natural.

Frass is a by-product of the cricket farming industry. It is a mix of their shells, excrement and left over feed. When this mixture is added to soil, it can benefit crops by tricking the plant into thinking it is under attack. This in turn makes the crop grow fuller, and stronger. 

We at Third Millennium have chosen to list our frass directly on our site, because there is no shame in transparent, sustainable agriculture!

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Countertop Reactor

From humble beginnings...

The Cricket Reactor (CR) is a household countertop cricket farm that radically reduces the footprint of meat production by utilizing domestic bio-wastes, such as food scraps and yard waste, as feed for farming edible crickets.

The CR tightens the circular relationship between urban bio-wastes and farming. The CR is unique in that it maintains a superior level of hygiene within the farm, is escape-proof and utilizes domestic bio-wastes as feed. The CR is for people interested in farming their own food-grade crickets as a means of increasing their own food sovereignty, creating a more sustainable household and reducing the environmental impact of meat production.

The CR maintains superior levels of hygiene within the farm by utilizing a unique cricket-herding mechanism that evacuates crickets from their own waste and helps decrease odours. Specialized feeding cartridges provide the user with a hassle free method of getting food scraps in, and out, of the farm. A built-in reproduction mechanism lets crickets lay their eggs before they are harvested; which allows users to produce continuous generations of crickets.

Currently not available, check back later!

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