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Our Mission

In the broadest sense Third Millennium Farming's mission is a common one. For many generations, the adults of this planet have been able to leave behind the promise of a brighter future to the youngest generation. By developing sustainable edible insect farming systems and technologies, we are fighting to ensure that our generation is able to hand over a healthy planet and brighter future to the next generation.


Third Millennium Farming (3MF) specializes in developing edible insect farms, farming systems and technologies; with a particular focus on farming crickets. This allows us to offer our clients a full package of services for transforming their initial idea into reality. In that regard we offer a host of services:

  • Design of cricket farming buildings, and retrofit of existing buildings to farming crickets.

  • Design of farming systems for breeding, growing and harvesting edible crickets.

  • Turnkey modular cricket farming solutions, such as the Chirpbox (cutsheet available upon request)

  • Automation of cricket watering systems and monitoring/tracking cricket populations​

However, building a cricket farm is only half of the challenge. Learning how to farm crickets, and to do so proficiently enough to run the farm feasibly, is the other half. To address these challenges head on, 3MF operates a 3,200 sqf urban edible cricket farm in Toronto, Ontario. The farm puts theory into practice by demonstrating:

  • Superior densities of production (pounds of crickets produced per cubic foot)

  • Flexible production (simultaneously producing crickets for feed and food), which allows for a greater diversity of clients and more resilient business strategy.

  • Troubleshooting infestation from other insects and cricket-specific disease

  • Streamlining labour practices and farming methods to operate at a profit in an urban context

By distilling the hard lessons learned from operating an urban edible cricket farm, 3MF is able to provide it’s clients with on-demand support: from teaching new entrants how to farm crickets to assisting experienced farmers in boosting yields or troubleshooting unforeseen issues. In this regard it helps to have experienced partners that we can rely on, and we are happy to count Bachhuber Consulting and Ovipost as friends and contributors in ensuring that we are able to meet our client’s needs.

Our Facility

Welcome to our facility!

We run a 3200 square foot urban edible insect farm in Toronto, Ontario. We are an experimental farm combined with a design studio striving to bring profit and improved methods of farming to our clients. We operate in a design/build/test/repeat cycle.

Not only are we the first edible cricket farm to have municipal approval in terms of zoning but we are able to compete financially with other urban services, proving it can be done in an urban setting,- ultimately, decentralizing farming. We are constantly working to improve our services all while producing crickets for the Food and pet industry.


Feel free to contact us for further information regarding a tour or the purchasing of crickets. 

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